Made in Gran Canaria

All Jewelry are Hand Made by me in Gran Canaria. Canary Lava is 100% local company and Canarians would proudly say: "Hecho en Canarias"

Recycled Materials

Canary Lava Bracelets and Necklaces are made from local lava beads and other authentic materials from the best and trusted suppliers in Canarias. In turn the earrings are mostly made of recycled materials

My Last Passion

Is Recycled Leather Earrings. I love to instil a new life into old things. Check out these leather earrings on sterling silver hooks

Essential Oils and Lava

One of the best ways to use Canary Lava Bracelets is to use them as essential oil body diffuser. They keep aroma couple of days and takes your favourite fragrance with you whenever you wear your lava bracelet. Use quality essential oil. Just put some drops on bracelet.

Coming Soon.. 

Canary Islands is a place of inspiration and I already have some interesting ideas. Therefore, I have great and interesting stuff to introduce you soon!

Saludos de Canarias...