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Canary Lava and Essential Oils

The Canary Islands Lava is a natural, porous mineral, a magmatic rock that perfectly attracts and holds oils. Especially if they are high quality, natural essential oils.


It's simple!

Pour a few drops of your favourite essential oils into Canary Lava bracelet and it will keep the aroma for several days.
It absorbs deep into the lava pores and releases a fragrance. If your lava bracelet is with you every day, your best-loved oil aroma will follow you wherever you go.

The pure oil should be used with caution in direct contact with the skin and you should consult the oil manufacturer on the potential risks.

However, with aromatic oil treated Canary Lava keeps the aroma even when the bracelet is washed with clean water and wiped with a towel.

If you want to change the aroma, you should wash the lava bracelet with gentle cleanser, like soapy water, gentle dishwasher that does not contain acid or any other stronger impurities or shampoo. After that, the Canary Lava bracelets can be reprocessed with some new drops of fresh essential oils of your choice and you can continue to enjoy it.


Remember that essential oils work almost only with lava beads. For other gemstones, such properties are largely absent. See the product description to understand if the bracelet contains lava beads.


If you have any questions about lava bracelets and essential oils, feel free to contact me:

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Aroma Oils

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