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Handmade Lava Jevelry

Canary Lava Handmade Jewelry

With Smile... from the Earth and Ocean



Treasure that Earth Gives Us

I don´t like to call it jewelry. These are gifts, goodies and souvenirs - high quality and hand-made. I have always liked to give a gifts. Gifts are one of the best ways to express your love! Even if we don't realize, we've all received a great and invaluable gift!
Souvenirs from the Canary Islands. Authentic, real and most importantly, created here. Souvenirs from Canary Islands that can be worn every day and that pleases other people's eyes. It is not a souvenir to put on a shelf, drawer or refrigerator. It's a real, usable souvenir from the sunny Canary Islands you can give yourself or to your close ones.

By purchasing any of the products I will give you a Gift.

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Canary Lava Bracelet Las Palmas Souvenir
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